jenna jamieson

Hi, My name is Jenna Jamieson. I’m so glad you’re reading a bit about me. I am involved in the hotel industry and so I have to deal with a lot of mattresses. So I have a pretty decent understanding of what to look for when procuring a mattress. My skills aside, there is a somewhat personal angle to the inspiration behind this website. I have seen tens on websites of mattresses over the internet, supplemented with blogs and discounts. But I don’t see most on them actually helping people out in choosing a healthy and comfortable mattress for themselves.

The aim on my website is to bring whatever knowledge I have of the topic in an easy to understand format, so that maybe you could take a print of my articles, highlight stuff you want and walk into a store knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Writing a website is tough, as I have learnt in these past weeks. I’d really appreciate any suggestions you might have. Do drop me a line via the Contact Page. I’d love to hear from you.