We’ve all hunted in vain for that on perfect air mattress that would be great to use at home as well as carry to the camping trip to the woods. But the ideal mattress is evasive. Coupled with publicity gimmicks that abound online, it can get pretty confusing to choose the best mattress, be it for your guest room, for the kids’ camping trip or for permanent use.

Before we begin reviewing the air Mattresses for you, let us get a few details covered. The most important thing you need to know about these mattresses is that they have probably the shortest life among all sorts of mattresses there are. These mattresses eventually loses sturdiness, ends up losing air quickly or suffers irreparable wearing. Some can get you a pretty decent value for money in rough and tough use, while many can fizzle out pretty quick.So it becomes easy to see that your Air Mattress is evaluated pretty stringently on matters like shelf life, wear and tear and air pumps. If you intend to keep your mattress for long, you should get a good pump to go along with it.

Air Mattresses are usually seen as more comfortable and bouncy. And it can be fun to jump on this lightweight bed all day, but for a good night’s sleep, it needs to have good support, texture and cooling too. And this is why not just any bag of air can be a good mattress fit for your camping set.

Best Price
Coleman Double-High QuickbedQueen
16 inches
Intex Deluxe PillowrestTwin
16.5 inches
Coleman QueenCotQueen
59 inches
Lightspeed Outdoors2 Person
150D Polyester Oxford
6.25 inches
Serta Twin RaisedQueen
18 inches

Top 5 Air Mattress Reviews For You

coleman double high supportrest

The Coleman Double-High Quickbed is one of the best air mattress and feels a lot like a real bed. It is big, plushy and makes for a comfortable posture sitting or lying down. The model is taller than most other air mattresses, which means it gives you quite some elevation from the ground. This makes it a better choice for people with knee issues who need to travel.Many recommend placing a second layer of padding on top of the Coleman Double-High Quickbed to have a comfortable sleep. A simple blanket works as well as an elaborate second layer of bedding made of foam or other slim mattresses. The Vinyl covering can also have some degree of late cooling, which can make you uneasy at night. The solution? Put a bedsheet or a foam mattress with cooling gels on top of your inflated mattress!


  • Your vinyl mattress makes your nights cozy and comfortable.
  • The mattress carry bag comes attached to your mattress. You just cannot lose it!
  • The good height makes it comfortable for use by people of all ages, needs and requirements.
  • The covering is not slippery like vinyl objects often can be.
  • Fits your standard sized sheets, easy to store and requires virtually no maintenance.


  • The Vinyl has an odor that goes with time and use.
  • Does not last pretty long. Air leaks from the seams are often reported. No patch kits included either.
  • Not very durable when used in rough environments for long.

Since the pump does not come included with the package, it is advisable to get a rechargeable one with the mattress itself. Instructions for inflating the mattress are provided on the surface of the mattress itself.

intext deluxe pillow rest raised airbed

This one is my favorite of the lot. I actually used it for quite a few months when i shifted into my first apartment. It made for a really comfortable substitute for a metal-frame-and-mattress bed that i use nowadays. With an elevation of 18 inches, this bed goes with most standard bedsheets. The inbuilt pump makes it wonderful to carry around without hassle. The hug tends to get pronounced as the mattress expands with use. I enjoyed letting it sag for a few nights. However, you can pump more air as required every weekend or so to maintain the bounce and tautness.Among the less salient plus points about this mattress are its design which can hold your bed covers, the edges which are raised slightly to prevent people falling out of their beds in their sleep, and the plushness the inflated mattress can provide for a good night’s rest.


  • The mattress’s design makes it stable and well supported.
  • The built in electric pump reduces hassle of buying and carrying the pump with you separately.
  • The unit comes with a 90 day warranty, which is pretty good for a mattress which usually makes its utility clear in a month itself.
  • The material is durable and easy to clean. You can simply wipe away most spillages without leaving any mark on the mattress.


  • Customer reviews abound with leak reports, or prematurely deflated mattresses giving the customers backache or neck pain.
  • The first few nights require you to pump in more air as the mattress expands to its full size under your weight.
  • The seams and joints are known to be problematic for this model, which means a few units can get ruptured and make an uneven surface.
Coleman Queen Airbet Cot with side tables

The Coleman QueenCot Airbed is among the more expensive best air mattresses we looked into. And trust me, the money is worth it! A traditional Air Mattress typically lies on the floor and makes for some shaky bed time. This mattress comes with a cot to put under the mattress. The benefit? A much stabler, more insulated sleep time. The elevation also serves well for those who do not want to bend too much due to health issues or other trouble.The Coleman QueenCot Airbed also has side tables, meaning you get to keep your clock, glass of water and your favorite lava lamp right next to you when you sleep. Think of this mattress as the ultimate sovereign among air mattresses. The design is luxurious, with strength, beauty and utility well optimised to fit the needs of every customer.


  • Rated highly in comfort and durability by customers.
  • Easy to set up. Don’t let the intricate design in the pictures fool you. The stand is a bonus.
  • Fits in your car. Can be carried to and fro using the rollers that come affixed to the pack.
  • Spacious, comfortable with adequate denting. Pump more air occasionally if you plan to keep this in your house for longer time.


  • Heavier than most other air mattresses.
  • The bigger packaging makes it difficult to lug around compared with one that can fit in a small rucksack.
  • Most of the negative reviews come due to damaged goods in the packaging. Buy the mattress from a trusted retailer or website to avoid inconvenience.

The Coleman QueenCot Airbed is definitely a bed fit for kings!

lightspeed outdoor 2 person PVC free air matress

Those unwilling to risk Pthalate and PVC are going to find a friend in Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe Air Bed. Instead of using ordinary vinyl, this mattress uses TPU material, which stands for ThermoPlastic Polyutherane. This makes the bed a lot more resistant to temperature and friction than the average air mattress. It is no surprise that the mattress gets good reviews in durability.With easy storage and light weight, it is ideal for travellers. The mattress is well designed, using close to 200 connectors to maintain shape, stregth, tautness and durability. The TPU works wonderfully, preventing stretching under weight to a good extent.


  • The material is rated highly in terms of comfort and texture.
  • Normal sheets will fit pretty nicely on the mattress.
  • Toughness and durability of this mattress are unmatched.
  • It is light weight, easy to carry and thus the perfect choice for campers. Hence making it the best air mattress for camping.
  • The oversized bag takes out all hassle from having to pack the mattress.


  • The pump’s batteries are not included.
  • Customers have given some disappointed reviews about the bed deflating pretty quickly, leading to disturbed sleep.
  • The edge design has not been appreciated all that either.

Buying the Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe Air Bed is a pretty good decision. Try it out for yourself.

Serta Twin Raised Air Mattress is the best option who don’t enjoy waking up on a saggy bed. The mattress is inflated by the main pump, and the secondary pump maintains the pressure adequately to ensure a good quality.

Easy to use, comfortable and quite durable as well, the Serta Twin Raised Air Mattress is the choice of many who suffer from backache. The technology is wonderful. You won’t wake up lying on the cold floor or just an inch above it like with a lot of problematic mattresses that fill the markets. Another major benefit of buying this mattress is the customer service and support, which was praised by those who purchased this mattress.


  • Raised profile. Easy to climb in and out of bed.
  • Less issues with leaks, since the secondary pump adds more air as pressure falls.
  • Value for money. The mattress is not just comfortable, but it also boasts superior customer care which can highly increase your satisfaction with the mattress.
  • With three firmness settings, your mattress is customisable to your own need and comfort.
  • It comes with a nice storage bag, making transportation easy.


  • The mattress relies on the pumps; if they fail, you won’t be sleeping too well tonight.
  • Only deep-pocketed sheets can work here. The usual ones don’t fit easily in the intermediate grooves.

How to Select the Best Air Mattresses

Good Mattress can be tough to spot, because all the jarring advertising can leave you desensitised to the really good stuff. So, we went to people who had just purchased new air mattresses. While hard to find on their own, we eventually found enough responses to a short survey to formulate a generalised view of each of the air mattresses we pursued. We mention “generalised”, because it is nearly impossible to point out one mattress that will be loved by every single person who comes across it.

That said, we learnt there were some key factors consumers noted pretty often. These factors went on to influence their rating of the mattress significantly. Here are some of those factors:

  • The bounce of the mattress was the first to be mentioned. While it might have a lot to do with the image of air mattresses as a portable funhouse (thank you, pop culture!), it later turned out to be a much mellow feeling in most mattresses. And indeed, a mellower but firm bounce was criteria to a good air mattress.
  • The ease of inflating and deflating the mattress too made quite an appearance in the top air mattress reviews. Mattresses bought with an internal pump or with an external pump included in the deal rated their mattresses better than those who had to purchase a pump from elsewhere.The problem was more pronounced in cases where the mattress was purchased offline.
  • Comfort levels seemed largely dependent on the texture, design and covering of the mattress. Though intricate designing brought up the price of the mattress, customers rated their comfort levels higher. Similarly with the covering of the mattress. An extra layer of foam on top of the Air Mattress made the unit cost saliently higher, but it also made the mattress a lot more snug and enjoyable.

Apart from these factors, we suspect smell of the mattress, the dent and some other factors to be responsible, but no clear relationship was indicated in the responses and so these remain speculations as of now.

The best mattress for you is ultimately the one that works best for you. Given the high incidence of damaged goods being delivered, it might be best to purchase from the parent company itself or from a trusted retailer like Amazon.

To choose the best air mattress for yourself, do the following:

  • Consider the utility. If you’re going to camp far away from the car, in the wilderness or somewhere not easily accessible, you’re going to have a hard time carrying the super cozy Coleman QueenCot Airbed. Prioritise your use. Buying a mattress with a secondary pump to keep the bed from sagging will be helpful for those prone to backache and neck problems.
  • The second priority is best awarded to features like shape, texture and appeal. You can always put a bedsheet over an ugly mattress, right?
  • Go through customer reviews on popular sites. They’re really going to be helpful in avoiding ending up with a useless Air Mattress.
  • Durability, firmness and ease of carrying are easiest to find and the best criteria for selecting your mattress.
  • When all else fails, look at the price. You can go for the cheaper of two similar options. With a bit of luck, you’ll be sleeping snug for quite a lot of nights to follow.