Mattresses for Extra Exciting Sex Life: Mattressify Latest Review [2020]

There’s no rhetoric spared when it comes to finding new ways to sell mattresses. Do you want your aging bones to suffer in pain each night? Do you want your baby to wheeze and pant due to an infection? Do you want your pregnant wife to be sleepless for her entire final trimester? Do you want to have bad sex?

Of course you don’t! You want to give your family the best, and you definitely want to have the best sex, so getting the “best mattress” is probably the way to go about with it, right? Well, it depends of what you think the best mattress is. It’s certainly not what you think it is, that’s for sure.

Why everyone wants you to buy a good mattress for Sex

There are a hundred ways people think mattresses help in sex. They really don’t, however. Some properties do help in sex and they keep things comfortable when you pick up the pace. Plus they can be easier bases to balance and contort yourself on, if you’re into that sort of the thing. But there’s a lot more advertised how mattresses can help in sex. Here are some of the craziest reasons I’ve come across.

  1. People think hypoallergenic mattresses can help prevent infections. Latex mattresses are pretty hypoallergenic, and so they are immediately thought to be healthier and better than all other mattresses in the market.
  2. One scheme of reasoning that follows is that you need the mattress to be fortified at the edge to be a good mattress. It is a good reasoning; nobody would want to tumble down while they’re getting their freak on. But the qualification is not just nebulous, it is also entirely unnecessary to mention. Any good mattress worth the money it came for would have a decent edge. If it’s susceptible to collapsing, you need a new mattress for sleeping on, not just for having sex.
  3. A silent mattress is preferred when you want to choose one to pick one to have sex on. It makes sense; nobody wants to hear you doing it when you’re doing it. You can stifle a moan or use a freaky ball gag or something to keep the noise low, but a squeaky mattress will squeak when it wants to.

It makes no sense, however. Let me tell you why…

How all criteria you’ve heard about best mattresses for sex are irrelevant in reality

Everything we’ve heard about good mattresses for sex is very likely to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I say this because most of the reasons I’ve seen being offered are trash, both theoretically and practically. Let me explain why.

The hypoallergenic myth: Turns out there is a pretty astounding difference between being hypoallergenic and sterile. Something that does not have germs in/on it is known as sterile. Something that is hypoallergenic need not be sterile. Hypoallergenic means the material is less likely to cause someone an allergy.In fact, anyone who is allergic to latex knows that latex doesn’t always mean safe and healthy. Want to make sure your sex sessions are safe and healthy? Vacuum your mattress regularly, use fresh linen and change the bedding when a session gets over.

mattress for sex

The Silence myth: It seems to make good sense that a mattress you want to get freaky on not betray you to people around the room. But is it really that important to buy a mattress that is silent as a wad of cotton being pulled? There is really no need to replace your expensive mattress just because it makes sound during sex. You can soundproof your room for equal efficacy and at roughly the same cost. Plus, the mattress isn’t really at fault here.

The Edge Support myth: Ok, yes, Edge Support is crucial when it comes to making the mattress proper to have sex on. But the stress on edge support is really not that well deserved. You don’t have sex just at the edges, you have sex all over it, and so overall structural integrity is what should matter, of which edge support is only one factor.

Which are the relevant properties, then?

So if these properties aren’t all that important, what should you look for when buying a good mattress for sex?

There is no single answer to that question. You can choose a good mattress for sex based on as many or as few factors as you like; chances are you’re going to use the mattress for more than just having sex, unless you have uncommon plans for the guest room or puff out some especially potent pheromones from your body. Regardless, here are some factors to look out for when choosing the best mattress for sex.

  • Tautness

    A Taut mattress is a great mattress. What tautness means is that the surface shouldn’t sag too much when you press it down. A taut mattress can go a long way to ensure proper spinal support while sleeping, as well as make sure your body finds proper support no matter how you are perched on it.

  • Denting

    Denting might seem to be the same as tautness, but it goes in deeper than just the top layer as so i must put it as a separate criteria here, since the pressure on the same area of the mattress comes from two or more bodies when you have sex on it, as opposed to just one when you have sex on it. It is easy to understand that your mattress will bend with your weight, and it will be more than what you usually see while sleeping. Therefore, to get a good mattress for sex, you should make sure it dents less than usual. You don’t want it to be rock solid, but it must leave scope for a greater bend that doesn’t get too much.

  • Smells and Odors

    Mattresses don’t usually have a smell that lasts more than a week outside the wrapping they came in. But that is not the odor we’re talking about here. A good mattress for sex can do with a little more ventilation, because you don’t want the absorbed sweat and related liquids to stay built up for too long in your bed.

  • Ease of cleaning

    When you’re going to get down and dirty on a mattress, you better hope it is easy to clean. The ease of cleaning a mattress depends upon its structure, but also on its weight if you’re going to sun it out, and other such factors. We have a detailed guide to tell you how to clean a mattress, and you should really check it out because hygiene matters when you want to fix a mattress for sex alone.

  • Durability

    You know, you’re going to be jumping around and going crazy on the mattress, so durability is a major factor to consider when you’re looking for a mattress to have sex on. Also, a mattress is a pretty big investment, almost like a refrigerator, and you want to have it last for a good length of time and not chuck it out every 2 years to get a new one.

How to pick and buy the best Mattresses for Sex

Picking a good mattress for sex is much alike to buying a mattress with a different purpose in mind. Take the factors we mentioned above in mind when you go looking for one, and be skeptical of the salesperson’s promises.

There is no single best mattress for sex since everyone likes to go at it differently. However, there are a couple you can try looking for that we’ve singled out in an earlier post.

Benefits of new mattress for sex

A mattress is seldom designed solely for sex. But a new mattress that is friendlier to your interests in the bedroom can help you perform better in some cases, and might also spice things up a bit. The best mattress for sex is also likely to be a great one to sleep on. And if you’re skeptical about the whole business, you can always skip buying a mattress solely for sex and just lay a bedspread on your existing mattress and go at it with your partners.

Thanks for reading. Leave me your thoughts in the comments below. This would surely be interesting to hear your thoughts on.

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