A Guide to Decide Your Mattress As Per Your Sleep Posture (Infographic)

An average human spends 1/3rd of his life sleeping, A wise man once said “if you earn a bit of extra money then you should spend it on something that you do for a majority of your life which is sleeping”.

If invested right your mattress can serve you beyond your imagination, Your whole health depends upon what kind of mattress you have, how much ease does your lumbar get and the hours of your deep sleep.

The very first thing to be checked here is your bed, is it having the right posture and aligned according to your lumbar. What material is it made up of. You need to take care of all the minute details to ensure a good night sleep.

Know what is best as per your sleeping style

  • People who love to sleep on either of their side generally tend to have spine problems so they should look for bed which is stress relieving and supports spines. If this is you then go with Hybrid Mattress.
  • If you love just dozing off watching your fan then you will require a mattress with strong lumbar support. Go with a latex mattress.
  • Least amount of people sleep this way but if you sleep on your stomach then you will require a memory foam mattress that relieves any type of pressure on your body.

The better your body weight is distributed on the mattress, the better sleep you will get. Ideally 8% weight should be of your head, 33% of shoulders, 44% of hips followed by 15% of legs.


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People who tend to complain about lower back pain are generally who are stomach sleepers which is due to their wrong sleeping position. If you are one of them then get yourself a mattress which adapts nicely to your body contours. Another set of people are the ones who complain about neck or shoulder pain which happens due to sleeping over a rough surface or hard foam. Don’t worry because the remedy is to change your mattress to a latex one which shall align your spine in correct position.

Secret sauce to deep sleep

Deep sleep depends on your environment where you sleep and lie down. Make sure you have a proper posture while hitting the bed, dim the lights, don’t see TV/phone prior to sleep and avoid having coffee. You can have warm milk or banana to ease your senses.

Quick Pointers

Research Well:

Always make sure to do the research before you do fix your choice. Make sure to find the best match as per your current conditions

See for Adjustable Beds:

With technology getting advanced something wise had to come and so there are many people who like the flexibility of electric beds.

No compromise on Comfort:

No matter what always prioritize your comfort while choosing your bed. It needs to appeal you more than anything else.

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