How Are Organic Mattresses Different From Innerspring Mattresses

Comfort is an objective word. However, over the past few years, comfort has been quite a crucial need for people. Everyone loves to live in their own private comfort zones. Be it travelling on an AC facility transport or lying on a luxurious sofa, everyone loves to be comfortable.

Just like the other aspects of life, people also consider comfort as priority while sleeping and why shouldn’t they? This explains the recent rise of the mattress industry around the world as well. In previous times, buying a mattress wasn’t as tough as it is now. However, in today’s world, there are a lot of ranges to choose from while buying mattresses.

One of these mattress types are the organic mattresses. Organic mattresses are mattresses made out of completely natural substances extracted from trees and other natural objects and contain no chemical byproducts. These mattresses are completely different when compared to the old fashioned innerspring mattresses.

What has made Organic Mattresses popular recently?

Natural contents like wood, foams have recently gained popularity as people now prefer to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Nature as we know offers materials directly usable to humans. These materials most of the time contain no kinds of extra condiments. It is the humans that have spoilt nature by adding various by products and additives to make products more economical.

While the fact of maintaining economics makes sense, these synthetic product come with a lot of flaws and are known to get spoilt faster than that of organic products – as is the case with mattresses. This has given rise to the usage of organic mattresses recently as these provide various health and durability advantages over the traditional mattresses.

How differently are Organic Mattresses made?

While comparing the recipe of organic mattresses to the innerspring ones, the making process of both the mattress types is completely different initially. In organic mattresses, the product is extracted out of trees and other objects directly and then collected to certain containers. A few steps follow and the end product is later obtained as a solid and is also flexible.

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On the other hand, innerspring mattresses do not necessarily require the use of organic products. Innerspring mattresses can be made out of 100% inorganic products by blending a number of materials together. The difference the percentage makes in innerspring mattresses is the quality of the end product. However, the quality of the spring attached also plays a major role. A higher quality spring should give better performance rates even if a stiffer material is attached with it.

organic mattresses

Comparing the two

The purpose of both the mattresses types is the same in the end. However, there are various aspects which differentiate the two. Let’s discuss.

  • Organic mattresses are made completely out of organic materials and generally contain no extra additives while innerspring mattresses may or may not contain organic materials.
  • Organic mattresses contain no sorts of pesticide residues or non-toxic barriers and free of extra chemical by products while innerspring mattresses do not offer these things.
  • Organic mattresses are more customizable.
  • Innerspring mattresses are easily available and come in a large number of options while these things are limited for organic ones.
  • Organic mattresses are more costly, although, they beat innerspring mattresses in terms of comfort.

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Due to the lack of options, customers find it confusing to shop for organic mattresses. However, in terms of durability and health concerns, organic mattresses are way ahead of its competitor. Innerspring mattresses are quite good products and come in a large number of options as well, however, they do not offer the comfort quality that organic mattresses offer and also require its users to renew them more often.

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