How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Child?

There are a huge number on salesmen out there eager to melt your ear with their chatter just so they can sell another mattress and earn commission. That’s not always in the best interest of the customer, given that the profit a mattress makes a company is not proportional to the comfort or healthiness of the mattress. There is of course a lot of misinformation out there too, and that is not OK, especially when you’re trying to get a decent mattress for your kids that will keep them comfortable, healthy and rest them well for energetic and active mornings.

So here is all there is to know about buying a kids’ mattress, wrapped into one simple blog post that I promise will not bore you with needless trivia or sales pitches. That said, read every bit I’ve written with care, and you won’t need to read anything other than this guide to know your way through the maze of kids mattresses in the market.

How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Child

What is the right kind of mattress for a kid?

Everyone essentially knows bits on information when they set out to buy a mattress. And you can learn on the way about different types of mattresses and their salient features usually, but never when you’re out to buy a mattress for kids. The simple reason is that kids cannot often convey what exactly they feel is wrong with the mattress. So you need to read up before heading to the mattress store.

I evaluate proper mattresses on the basis of the way they make the customer feel, instead of cold numbers and technological jargon. Every good kids mattress has these three properties…

  • It feels comfortable to lie on.
  • It provides proper spinal support.
  • Whether you need a firm or soft mattress.

It might appear to be a simple set of criteria, and it is, but don’t rush to the market yet! Let’s explore each of these a bit more.

1. Comfort of a Kids’ Mattress

comfort of a kids mattress
Comfort is not just about how plush the pillows on your kid’s bed are. There is more to making a bed comfortable than laying a fancy sheet and adjusting the temperature. There’s more to consider here; like the following:

  • Is the mattress cooling properly?
  • What is the topmost layer of the mattress made of?
  • Is the mattress properly fitting on the bed?

A lot of people shop for beds first, and then hunt for mattresses matching its dimensions. It’s not just the wrong way to go, but also completely defeats the purpose of a bed. Get the mattress first, and then order a bed that fits it. Even if it doesn’t look great, you can always spend some quality time with your kid decorating the bed frame according to their whims.

The topmost layer of the mattress is not the only important one, but it is still pretty salient in ensuring your kid’s comfort. Many kids prefer foam mattresses, while parents worried about possible health issues often get latex mattresses for its hypoallergenic properties. Some mattresses come with a cooling gel infused, that keep heat away from the body to make sleeping comfortable.

2. Spinal Support for Kids through mattresses

Kids and teenagers spend more time on their beds than adults. Whether that be while sleeping, or just sitting or lying on it playing video games, it is vital that their back be supported properly.

Kids often throw tantrums for mattresses that feel plush. But as parents and guardians, it is important for you to evaluate whether the mattress is taut enough to keep their spine positioned properly.

Thankfully, most mattresses come with a 30 day return policy, at least of several sites online. This enables you to return mattresses if your kids complain of backache, or look tired even after a whole night’s rest.

3. Firm mattresses vs soft mattresses

firm vs soft mattresses
Most people I have met hold strong opinions on the firmness of the ideal mattress. Most favor soft mattress (perhaps, in our heads, soft naturally translates to comfort) and a few favor firm mattress (“kids need to sleep on flat surfaces so they grow up strong and tough”). But really, neither extreme is desirable in a mattress. A kid’s spine needs to be straight when they lay, but that doesn’t mean you should make them sleep on wooden logs.

Kids begin with only one curve in their spine, which with age slowly grows to the three curves adult humans have. So keeping the spine in a proper position is crucial for the child to develop proper posture.

  • A mattress that is too soft will cause the body to rest in a cupped position when lying on the back. This will not just cause the child to have an improper position and make them susceptible to back issues, but the chest too doesn’t get proper space to expand, and there is plausible paucity of oxygen available in the kid’s sleep as well.
  • A mattress that is too firm will cause an undulating bend on the spine, which will make the back hurt as well, and provide a wholly unrestful sleep to your kid.

That’s it! I hope I have covered up all there is to buying a kids mattress. If you find your queries unanswered, please don’t hesitate to write me a comment, or drop me a line through the contact page. If you’re still confused about options to buy a good mattress for your child, read our page devoted to Kids mattresses for some good suggestions.

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