How To Get A Healthy Sleep Naturally?

Getting yourself comfortable is not all there is to sleeping. For staggering number of people, good sleep comes rarely. A majority of people all over the world don’t get adequate sleep, and with the demands of contemporary day lifestyle where you constantly have to juggle long hours of taxing work and social life that makes stress a near constant in life, sleep deprivation stands charged up to become the next big pandemic.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

The answer tends to vary. There is no one particular requirement that holds true for everyone. Generally, people are advised to sleep at least 6 hours. More than 8 hours can be excessive sleep for most. The specific need for most people differs based on individual factors. And for the most part, you can train your body to rest at times convenient to your schedule. But adequate rest is a necessity.

How do I know if I’m sleeping well?

The easiest way to know if you’re sleeping enough is to get in touch with how you feel. If you’re feeling fine, fit and energetic, you’re probably sleeping a proper amount. If however, you feel drained, cranky or are easily agitated, it could be that you’re not well rested. There are other physical signs as well. For example, you might know on puffy eyes that are easy to get when you’re not sleeping properly. Then, there are things like headaches and backaches, and things might even escalate to more severe symptoms like light fevers or gastrointestinal discomfort.

Lack of sleep over time can not just result from stress or mental illness, it can in fact contribute to developing mental illness itself! With poor sleep, you begin performing poorly at work. This may cause work to keep piling on, or bad reviews by peers and seniors causing you more stress and thus less sleep. It is essential to break out of this cycle.

How do I get a Healthy Sleep Naturally ?

Natural sleep comes without external aids or simulation. Finding a proper way to sleep is very intuitive when you go about it. Just follow what feels right to you, what works best for your sleep. Here are a few points to go about when trying to sleep.

1. Fix your bedroom

The biggest impediment to getting good rest at night is often something to do with the bedroom. It might be dark outside, but it needs to be dark in your bedroom too. The temperature needs to be comfortable. The bed should be cozy as well. Make sure the mattress is not lumpy or dented. You can check out the best mattresses for a healthy sleep from various online stores as well.

Fix your bedroom

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Lava lamps or LED string lights do look nice around the bed. But if you can’t sleep, switching them off might help you. Having laptops or TVs in front of the bed can cause you problems too, especially if you have a habit of dozing off while leaving them on. Put out candles; the carbon dioxide and might make you uncomfortable at night, plus unattended candles are fire hazards. Air out the room and make sure no scents hang around your bed. Most importantly, reserve your bed only for sleeping and for sex.

2. Fix your bedtime routine

Getting yourself ready to sleep is just as crucial as actually sleeping. If you are ill prepared for bed, you’ll have a disturbed sleep, and some might find it difficult to score even a few hours of rest.

Fix your bedtime routine

First, make sure you don’t eat rich or heavy food. As sumptuous as it might be, a big heavy meal of fried chicken and spicy tacos will probably make it difficult for you to lie in bed at ease. Another wrong practice people indulge in is playing games in bed on their phones. Games are designed to excite you and get your brain engaged in the actions of the game. You don’t need that if you want to get a good rest. It’s the same with watching horror movies or reading thrillers in bed. They’re not going to let your mind be at ease.

Instead, try some habits that help you sleep. Warm milk or a banana often helps people sleep. Shun all coffee 5 to 6 hours before bedtime. Warm showers, wetting feet; the list of things that work for people is as wide as the number of people themselves!

3. Consume energy throughout the day

You need to be tired to sleep. A lot of people with sedentary or not-so-active lifestyles have difficulty sleeping because they’re simply not tired! Exercising is a great way to get yourself really desirous of a good rest. Plus, it can help mitigate some symptoms of sleep deprivation as well. Getting your blood to flow often cures headaches. It can relieve lethargy and get your mind active. You don’t need to get up early in the morning to exercise either. There are many who exercise just before beginning their bedtime preparations.

Consume energy throughout the day

There are other ways to expend your energy too. It begins by skipping the shortcuts and the comfortable options. Take the stairs to your floor in the office building. Stand in the train home instead of taking a seat. And instead of listening to audio books, read physical copies of them. Solve puzzles, play a sport. Tiring yourself out is pretty achievable, and that can help you sleep.

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4. Power naps are your new best friends

Power naps

If after all the effort, you still cannot catch a good 40 winks, you can sleep at other times in the day. Power naps are the best way to rest your brain. They are healthy, boost your productivity and help elevate your mood. People generally recommend 7 to 10 minutes of sleep in the day whenever is comfortable to you. Power naps are beneficial because they help flush out toxins from the system, especially from the brain. They can also relieve headaches for some people. The only thing to watch out for that you don’t hit the snooze button too hard. Sleeping for longer than a few minutes during the day can make you sleepy for the rest of the day.

Easy ways to get a healthy amount of sleep naturally, aren’t they? You don’t need pills and potions to knock you out if you’re tired. Abusing medication can make you addicted to them (and so kindly consult a doctor before popping one from the bathroom closet). Let us know any more ways you know of that can help you sleep better.

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