Innerspring mattresses are the most popular mattresses after memory foam and latex. People have been relying on these mattresses for decades (Source). We have researched on over 30+ mattresses and, selected the top 10 innerspring mattresses.

The best innerspring mattress is Signature Sleep Contour. We have written a buying guide on finding the best mattress, scroll down to give it a read.

Purchasing a new mattress is one of the most important decisions people ever have to make in life, especially when you take into consideration how many hours you will spend lying on that mattress, it is crucial that you purchase the best mattress for your needs. There are many different types of mattress, so in our review, we set out to find the best mattress available.

A good night's sleep is essential to your health, well-being, and overall productivity. Most manufacturers recommend changing your mattress every eight years. This means that whatever mattress you choose to buy will potentially be responsible for the quality of your sleep for nearly 3000 nights of sleep.

Hopefully, this will make you understand the importance of investing some time and energy into choosing the right mattress for you. However, we understand that most people simply don’t have the time to spend conducting the research. Luckily for you, that is why we have done all the hard work for you. We have spent many hours lying down on the job ( it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) and below you will find our top ten innerspring mattress reviews.

Innerspring Mattresses Comparison 

SIZE (inches)
Signature Sleep ContourPolyester-blend39 x 75 x 845 Pounds
Continental Sleep ElegantFabric74 x 38 x 570 pounds
Classic BrandsNA72 x 84 x 11120 pounds
Wolf Slumber ExpressFoam80 x 60 x 1050 pounds
Englander Intrigue QuiltedCotton75 x 38 x 728 pounds
Classic Brands AdvantageFoam80 x 60 x 868 pounds
Textrade USAPine80 x 76 x 11103 pounds
Signature Sleep EssentialMemory Foam39 x 75 x 626.4 pounds
Signature Sleep IncasedRayon54 x 75 x 1380 pounds
Englander FinalePolyester80 x 60 x 1071 pounds
Signature Sleep Contour Coil Mattress

When it initially was delivered, it took us longer than expected to drag the mattress up the stairs. This is certainly heavier than most of the competition, but as a mattress rarely needs to be moved, this is not necessarily a bad thing, and perhaps tells you more about the quality of the springs inside it.

In terms of comfort, this is certainly on the firm side, perhaps further confirmation of the heavy, strong springs contained within. If we were to compare it to a car, then a Volvo comes to mind; solid reliable and comfortable, which is in our opinion exactly what a mattress should be.

Surprisingly, the only weakness that came to light during our testing was around the sides of the product. If you sit too near to the edge, there is a noticeable sagging effect, but unless you make a habit of sleeping on the very edge of your bed, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Those strong springs come to the forefront again when discussing support, as they cradle you comfortably, but also provide independence from your partner. This means that if one partner is considerably heavier than the other, there will be no roll together, as there are sufficient numbers of springs to prevent this from happening.

The sleep contour measures 8 inches deep, but there is a heavy comfort layer, protecting you from the springs, and ensuring that you get a great nights sleep.

Compared to some of the competition the Signature Counter Coil Mattress may be a little more expensive, but in our opinion, you get what you pay for. If you divide 3000 nights which is the lifespan of the mattress with the overall cost of this product, the cost per night is minimal. You deserve a good night’s sleep, and rather than seeing the purchase of a new mattress as yet another expense, why not see it as an investment, in you and your partner’s health. Once you experience a few months of good solid sleep every night, the difference to your health and well-being will shock you. In our opinion, you should forget about reading any further, this is the best innerspring mattress available amongst those that we have tested. Buying one of these mattresses is money well spent.

Best Value Budget Mattress - 

​​Continental Sleep Elegant Innerspring Mattress

Continental Sleep Elegant

The whole point of this website is to try and guide you to what in our opinion is the best rated mattress on the market today. We have spent many hours researching testing and evaluating the different products on the market, and the Continental Sleep Elegant Mattress was the best value budget mattress amongst our judging panel. This mattress simply exudes value, it provides support and comfort, and it feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. The support of the bed is reasonably firm, but the comfort levels ensure that you get a great nights sleep night after night. Another added benefit of this mattress is that it is built and designed with orthopedic benefits in mind, so not only is it comfortable, but it also will help and support your back in the long term. The fact that orthopedic elements were even considered, never mind included in a mattress at this pricepoint, is simply staggering.

Fully manufactured in the United States, the Continental is a top quality product, which provides everything you could want. Certain members of our team expressed initial concerns that the mattress was perhaps a little on the thin side, but the construction of the product means that this simply wasn’t an issue. In terms of value for money, orthopedic support and comfort, this is our number one recommendation for those on a budget, and should you decide to purchase it, we are convinced you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Brands Innerspring Mattress - Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Classic Brands Innerspring Mattress

  • Part of the manufacturing process for any product requires important decisions to be made regarding the quality of the various materials being used. Those decisions will have a crucial effect on the profitability and quality of that product. Sometimes, the permanent drive to provide the maximumprofit means that poor decisions can be made and the quality of the product suffers.
  • Classic Brandsistargeting the budget end of the marketplace with this mattress, and in many ways, they have made a pretty good stab at it. Initial impressions are excellent, this, for instance, is one of the first of our review products to feature memory foam as the key ingredient of the top level.
  • Combine this modern technology with the solidreliability of an innerspring mattress, and it would be a reasonable assumption that you would be on the right track towards the perfect mattress.It would seem however that the bean counters stepped in at this point as here are certain flaws apparent, that expose exactly where the cost cutting took place.
  • The density of the foam leaves a little to be desired, which is a pity really as overall this is an outstanding product. This is a softer mattress, so perhaps it is more suited to a children’s room, or maybe the guest mattress. Softer mattresses do tend to wear out and deteriorate quicker, than some of their counterparts.
Wolf Slumber Express

When we initially saw the size of this mattress we were confident that it was going to be nice and comfortable. Measuring a depth of nine inches, we expected it to be very padded and cozy. The manufacturer has decided to invest their money in the comfort layer, providing a full one-inch depth of padding. Unfortunately, the cuts have been made in the number of coils used, which means that the support provided is not as good as the competition. The simple fact of the matter is that the springs provide the foundation of any good Innerspring mattress, so by cutting back on the springs, in our opinion, you are compromising the quality and comfort of the bed. By providing extra padding, Wolf is trying to camouflage the fact that there is a reduction in the quantity of springs. Over time, as the padding compacts, it is our believe that the mattress will start to become uncomfortable, and may need replacing sooner than the recommended time of eight years.

This mattress came very close to winning the prize, it has so many positives and should certainly be on your shortlist as it's possibly the best innerspring mattress you can get. The mattress contains a total of 390 steel coils, providing ample support although it is certainly more suited to those who prefer a firm mattress. There is plenty of padding around the springs, making the bed very comfortable, and the Intrigue is further enhanced by the addition of a quilted cover. 

The mattress comes compressed and rolled up for easy shipping, something that other manufacturers could and should take note of, as it makes transportation and storage easier. The mattress also conforms to federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1636, and even comes complete with a one year warranty.

The only negative about the Intrigue is ironically one of its positives. The quilted cover supplied on the mattress means that you lose the option of flipping the mattress over, should you spill a drink or some other mishap occurs. If you are the type of person who would never have this kind of problem, then the Englander is certainly a worthy contender, especially if you can get it on a promotional deal.

Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

Compared to the other Classic Brand mattress review above this is a step up in quality and class. It is considerably thicker and has three times the number of coils by comparison. The support levels are vastly superior when compared to its cheaper sibling. The coils used are thoughtfully designed ensuring that there is no roll together between partners, and your weight is equally distributed across the mattress ensuring a comfortable sleeping position.

  • The top of the mattress is made of good quality memory foam, which in our opinion is the best material for the top part of a mattress. The only real complaint is not all density foams are made of an equal standard, and the density of the foam used by Classic Brands is not particularly dense.
  • Innerspring mattresses have been around for many many years, but recent developments in the manufacture of beds have forced the design and structure of innerspring beds to change. This bed is the perfect example of how these mattresses are responding to the competition, by using the old school knowledge and expertise of such mattresses and pairing it with the recent advances of memory foam as a material.
  • The combination of old with new works remarkably well, and has certainly given innerspring manufacturers that push that was required to keep developing and improving their product. The Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress is a significant upgrade to the standard model, and if you have decided to buy a product manufactured by Classic Brands, then this would certainly be our recommendation.
Textrade USA

The TextradeUSA offering within this group of products was another strong contender which shows how competitive this section of the industry has become. Long gone are the days when a company could produce a cheap and poorly made product and still sell thousands of them.

Textrade is still in the process of developing their brand, which in this case means that they have to over deliver at the pricepointin order to compete. The first decision they have made was to include a pillow top for their mattress, which is of surprisingly good quality. Then they have chosen to include 1000 coils in their mattress three times that of some of their competitors.

Unlike some of the other mattresses in this review the edge of the product has been strengthened with wire around the entire border, which makes the side of the bed much stronger, and means that it doesn’t sag when you sit on the edge. Showing supreme confidence in their product, the mattress comes with a five-year limited warranty.

The only real criticism we have relating to this mattress is that it is rather heavy, which of course could be a testament to its superior build quality, but we felt it was important enough to mention it in the review.

With all of the added benefits mentioned above this mattress could easily have won one of the top two awards, and we certainly wouldn’t criticize anyone who decided to purchase this model.

  • From the same company as our overall winner the essential coil mattress is significantly cheaper, and this is confirmed by the subsequent drop in quality. Don’t get us wrong, this is still a reasonable mattress, at a stunning price. It offers an excellent value proposition, but it may be just a little too firm, especially for anyone who is prone to sleeping on their side.
  • We had some issues with roll together, which leads us to believe that Signature has used insufficient quantities of springs, or just poor quality ones. This mattress comes with little to no warranty, another warning sign, and red flag.
  • Perhaps for a newly married couple where money is very tight, this would make a good starter mattress, but if that is the route you decide to take, be prepared to upgrade within a couple of years. This is a pity because Signature clearly is more than capable of making a quality product, it just seems that they tried to cut too many corners with the design and quality of this mattress. If we were to grade this mattress in high school, it would probably scrape a “C.”
Signature Sleep Incased Coil Mattress

Having been awarded the best mattress in this set of reviews, and possibly the worst for another model, we decided to test a third offering from Signature Sleep in the interests of fairness.

We are delighted to say that this model is another quality product, for a great price. It has over 600 springs and feels very comfortable to lie on. The addition of a pillow top increases the comfort of the experience, although once again the inevitable negative of that is that you cannot then flip the mattress over, which is always a good tip for extending mattress life.

Thankfully, which is not always the case, the coils used are totally silent, a fact that many people overlook, but who wants a squeaky bed?

There is nothing really negative to say about this mattress, it was delivered rolled up in a plastic film, and it took a few days for the mattress to expand and regain its normal shape and size fully upon unpackaging it. If that is the biggest criticism of a low-priced mattress, then the company have done an exceptional job. So good in fact that maybe the essential coil mattress we tested was simply a bad example. Obviously, we have no way of checking that other than to buy another one, but it certainly confirms our opinion that in terms of quality Signature Sleep make great products, most of the time.

Englander Finale Innerspring Mattress

Last but by no means least to be tested was the Englander Finale mattress. This mattress is consistently a top seller and for good reason certainly the best innerspring mattress in its price range. It might be in the lower price range, but it exudes quality.

It looks fantastic, and when you lie down the comfort and support is second to none. It is CertiPur-US certified, which means that there are no harmful metals or chemicals contained within it.

Compared to some of the competition we found this mattress to be a little on the soft side, so for people with bad backs, who are after extra support, it is probably not the best option available.

As with a lot of the lower price range mattresses the edges of the bed have been neglected slightly, so sit on the edge with caution, or you could find yourself sitting on the floor very rapidly.

This is still a good mattress, though, and you don’t have to take our word for it, the many positive comments and reviews online, will confirm our findings. If you are in need of a cheap but good quality mattress, the Finale could be your final destination.

What Is An Innerspring Mattress And What Factors Should You Consider When Buying One?

  • An innerspring mattress is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is a mattress that is constructed using hundreds of steel springs. So, while looking for the best online mattress, keep in mind that the strength and support of these springs will vary depending on whether or not you prefer a hard or a soft mattress.
  • The general consensus is that a harder mattress provides more support and is better for your back. A softer mattress, on the other hand, is more comfortable. The choice of support is very subjective and is certainly an important factor you will need to take into consideration when making your final choice. Luckily there are mattresses available with different levels of support on either side to ensure that each partner can choose their preference.
  • Lying on thousands of steel springs would obviously make for a rather unpleasant nights sleep, so the next part of your mattress is the comfort layer. This is normally made of different varieties of foams or fibers, and in recent years memory foam has become very popular. Generally speaking, the thicker the comfort layer, the more expensive the mattress will be.
  • The final component in any mattress is the fabric cover, which protects the springs and comfort layer. This is the least important part of any mattress, although it is important to choose a hard wearing material, as this will be the part of the mattress that is most exposed to wear and tear.


In recent years the competition at the lower end of the mattress market has intensified. This has lead to a dramatic increase in competition and quality, which in turn can only benefit the consumer. There has never been a better time to buy a new mattress, and in all honesty, any of the products reviewed here will provide you with a great nights sleep.

The important factor you need to decide upon is what level of support you or more importantly your back requires. Once that decision has been made, revisit all of the reviews above and make your decision to get the be​st innersprin​g ma​ttress for yourself. Many nights of wonderful sleep lie ahead, and your only regret will be not upgrading your mattress sooner.