Unlike with most other mattresses, there is no specific hierarchy of factors deciding how a King Size mattress ought to be. This is because most factors other than the size, which includes vital components like material, build, tautness etc can vary vastly according to the company and the targeted consumer group.

Every mattress needs to balance out various elements that can potentially be in conflict. For example if your mattress is too soft, you’ll sink into it and the huge denting will give you a backache. Similarly if it is too taut and unyielding, you’re going to have a tough time falling asleep.

Other factors that can make your king size mattress ideal include the texture, material and cooling. Largely, texture can be modified using bed covers and sheets. The higher models come with a customizable setting which can make your mattress as firm or soft as you like. Material preferences are individual, though they might need to be trumped every once in a while for health concerns. Other factors like cooling, smell and maintenance change with each individual model as well.

In face of so many conflicting factors, one can surely get confused while selecting a good mattress. As a rule of thumb, a mattress should be firm to give adequate back support. It should have enough softness and hug to adjust according to your body’s contours and keep your spine straight. The mattress should not have noxious smells leftover from the processing or packaging. And a slow cooling mattress is just a flat no-no. With good moisture absorption, your mattress might just become the best mattress you can get.

Best King Size Mattresses Reviewed

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12” Gel Memory Foam

This mattress deserves to be on the very top of my list due to its excellent performance on all parameters. The four layers include a 5” HD Foam base under 2 separate Airflow foam layers, upon which rests a 3” High Density Gel Memory Foam layer for the ultimate comfort. The product comes with a 120 day trial, and the warranty extends to 30 years, which is among the longest I’ve come across till now! Coupled with the washable cover, CertiPUR-US certification and impeccable design, there is no mattress that could beat this one in all the mattresses I went through.

The Air Flow layers ensure the mattress stays cool and cozy at all times. And the memory foam is wonderful in its own right. The reviews praise the comfort and support and pressure relief of the mattress. In all considerations, this is the best mattress to buy.

DreamFoam Mattress ultimate latex mattress

A 10” Talalay Latex Mattress can serve you wonderfully. This mattress comes in a variety of firmness settings. Made in the USA, this absolutely delightful mattress gives you a good contouring and also cools relatively quick. The 1.5” polyfoam topping layer enhances comfort and strength. The 20 year warranty is pretty decent.

The four way stretch Bamboo cover is moisture absorbent as well as helps in the cooling, which ensures your nights are cozy and restful. The only reason it received bad ratings was due to an improper firmness setting. Users err on the side of caution, only in the opposite direction. When confused, choose a firmer mattress than the obvious choice of a softer one. You can always top off a stiffer mattress with a mattress cover with required softness.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft and Needle is a breath of fresh air among repetitive designs and layouts. The Customised Polyfoam material is almost a miracle to experience. This amazing foam localises the impact of all movement so that you don't disturb the other person on the bed if you stir in your sleep. The pressure relief is pretty amazing as well. This all American mattress comes with a useful 30 day trial if purchased from Amazon.

Tuft & Needle is wonderful for its simple deals, which come without much salesmanship gimmick. What is stated is followed. The lack of fine print makes the deal pretty amazing. Coupled with the amazing mattress with all of its superior design and features, there is no reason to turn down this deal of a lifetime.

Tips for Selecting the Best King Sized Mattress

Choosing the ideal mattress can be impossibly complicated. You cannot sit with a clipboard and check mark performance of the mattress in a 30 minute trial period, right? The best way to check out your King size mattress is to keep it simple! Here’s how:

  • Lie down on it:

A mattress usually tells you how it’s going to fare in the first few minutes of laying down on it. A saggy mattress will be hard to lie comfortably on. A taut mattress might even give you backache as you lie on it. Shift positions 4-5 times to get to know how the hug, contour support and pressure relief feels like. Get first hand experience.

  • Get that warranty sorted:

Most warranties come with terms and conditions. Get an idea what those terms and conditions are. Ask the salesman what all damages are covered, what you are entitled to in post-sale service and what all you need to take care of on your end. Some warranties are basically useless, so make sure you don’t end up with a mattress that is going to become a liability in disposal instead of being comfortable to rest on.

  • Look for a bargain:

A lot of online stores are great in that they can tell you the exact price of the mattress if you buy from them. It is wonderful to compare the price your salesman quotes. It can be quite the asset in haggling for a lesser price. Avoid buying the mattress at quoted price, unless you want to splurge unnecessarily.

Tip:  When buying a mattress, always remember to check the product before accepting delivery. Open the package and inspect the product. Return the mattress if the delivery boy objects. It is always better to be suspicious than end up dealing with delayed customer care responses that will basically have you tearing out your hair.

Best Material for King Size Mattress

There is no single best material for a King Size mattress. Every popular material can be made into one, and the performance of the product will always depend on the design, the use and the conditions the mattress is maintained in. Here’s a small list on what each material is suitable for:

  • Latex

Latex is among the more healthier and hygienic options for mattresses around. The sap of the rubber tree is processed to make blocks of this material which makes for a plush mattress. Most Latex Mattresses adjust wonderfully to your body contours owing to their enhanced hug. Plus the anti bacterial nature and mite resistance really make it a wonderful choice.

  • Memory Foam

Memory Foam is quite literally out of this world. The technology comes from spacecrafts. The thermoplastic foam is solid in its normal state. It moulds itself using your body heat and acquires the shape of your body as you lie down. It also goes back to its original state when you get off the bed. Memory foam is believed to be helpful for back pain, shoulder pain and hip problems as well. It can also come in conjunction with ordinary mattresses in the market.

  • Air Mattress

Yes, the humble air mattress too comes in King size. The denting is the most attractive feature of the mattress along with the bounce. In matters of durability, the cheaper air mattresses might not serve you well, with vinyl stretching and slow deflation commonly reported. Air mattresses are easy to carry around. Some can have an upsetting odor to them, so read the reviews properly.

I hope this clears up some of your confusion. Let’s get on to the list of best King Size mattresses you can get.

There are plenty of mattresses in the market available in King Size. All of them demand our attention. We hope this short article cleared some confusion. We’d love to listen from you too about what you think about various King Size mattresses in the market. Did one blow your mind? Or perhaps a few really turned you off. Let us know in the comments below.