Latex mattresses certainly have several advantages over memory foam mattresses, such as the better bounce and the hypoallergenic properties. Getting a nice cooling is easier for Latex mattresses, plus they are super durable. It makes you wonder why they aren’t all that popular.

With the growth in popularity of natural products, latex mattresses are set to have an advantage since natural latex is easy to shape into a cozy mattress. There are a lot of 100% natural latex mattresses you can buy, and many are viable as organic options too, though that’s not a trend we find agreeable.

We’re going to tell you more about the best latex mattresses you can buy, including all natural as well as somewhat synthetic products to consider. We give you a quick summary of what Dunlop and Talalay latex means as well as latex mattress brands to watch out for.

Latex Mattresses Reviews Updated for 2018

SIZE (inches)
DreamFoam BeddingFoam 75 poundsQueen
Sleep EZ RomaFoam NAFull
Wolf Corp ComposureFoam and Wool69 poundsQueen
Cr Sleep ComfortPoly and Fr fabric67 poundsQueen
Brooklyn BeddingLatex124 poundsKing
Casper SleepFoam88 poundsQueen
Lucid GelFoam49 poundsFull
Ultimate Dreams TotalLatex120 poundsQueen
Brentwood Home S-BedFoam60 PoundsQueen
Habitat PureFoamNAQueen
DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 10”

This is an extremely popular mattress amongst the latex mattresses. This is a 10” model that offers a lot of customization both pre and post sales. It has a combination of foam and a 3” Talalay latex layer for comfort and is at least a tiny bit cheaper than the other ones available in the market. It provides an adequate back support, even though the placement means that the sleeper will be closer to the hypoallergenic area.

Sleep EZ Roma

It is a Dunlop latex mattress, so right off the bat, it’s more comfortable than the others. It is also double sided and offers dual firmness. It is also quite organic in nature and has a superior build quality. However, it seriously lacks the much favored King sized mattresses and only deals in twin size, twin xl, full size and queen size, which isn’t all bad, but certainly lacks an important feature. It is highly recommended by experts and their owners rave about them.

Much Favored Hybrids

What are hybrid mattresses? Well, the most popular choice of latex mattress of all time! It is made of both natural latex and foam and is super durable and comfortable. They offer the best of both latex and memory foam. As the name suggest, hybrid mattresses mean that they are made up of various types of foam, although the most preferred are the memory foam. They work together to reduce the cost of manufacturing considerably and hence, is cheaper than all-natural mattresses.

Brands You Cannot Miss

Helix for the Perfectionists

If you are one of those sleepers who prefer perfection even while sleeping, then nothing offers as many customization options such as the Helix mattresses. First of all, you have to take a quiz before you can even get to the selections of mattresses available, which will be customized according to your answers. They also use high-quality materials that are unbeatable and you can have any number of options to make your mattress, including the type of manufacturing process that your core has. The only drawback is that with all such special combinations, you have to pay more than your average mattresses, but it is really worth the effort and the money.

Ghost Bed for Experimenters

I say it is for experimenters because it is the latest and the newest one available in the market, made by long time veterans of mattresses, Nature’s Sleep. This mattress is a latex over memory foam mattress and is very much favored in the market at the moment. However, GhostBed is better than most latex over memory foam mattresses because it does much more than other mattresses. It is highly rated for both its price and its durability, and the mattress foam specifications are way better than its competitors. They have excellent leverage where industry connections are concerned and hence, their prices are comparably cheaper.

Best Hybrid Latex Mattresses Reviewed

11” thick in density, the Wolf Corp Composure Hybrid Mattress is made from an all-natural Dunlop latex foam. It incorporates Wolfit layer, which is essentially a 100% woollen material that is positioned under the stretch knit cover to work as a fire resistor and an insulator.

It has Cloud, the company’s foam replacement that is completely eco-friendly. This layer is also present for support and foundational support for longer durability. It is a very good mattress for those looking for a comfy, durable hybrid mattress without splurging a hell lot of cash.

Cr Sleep Comfort Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This is a mattress that both looks and feels good. It has a 13” deep layer with a 2-inch ventilated gel AirCell™ Technology Memory foam to affirm the comfort level required. It is a mattress that will not only helps you sleep well but also provides a great pressure relief.

It has a natural antimicrobial cover, with the outer cover made of poly and fabric, and the inner one made of fiberglass cloth for flame retardant effect. The company provides a 20-year warranty so you know they deliver their promises.

Best Overall Latex Mattress—My Verdict

Here is a collection of latex mattresses I think is the absolute best in the market at the moment:

This mattress is available in a lot of sizes, which includes the Twin, Twin XL Full, Full XL, Short Queen, Queen, King and even California King. It is available in at least three comfort levels that are guaranteed to suit the style of individual sleep pattern.

The company provides shipping to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about doing the manual labor of carrying it home with you. It also has 2 inches of comfortable Talalay latex, which is completely certified by Oelo-Tex, 2015. There is also a 2 inches Dunlop latex which is a perfect transitional agent from the latex to the core layer, so you feel comfortable during your sleep.

This mattress can be found in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. The best thing about this mattress is that provides hundred nights of free trial, so you can easily return it if you feel this is not the right mattress for you. It has four layers of foam construction that will provide an unbeatable support, breathability and added bounciness, but wait, the specifications do not stop here.

It also has an open-cell hypoallergenic latex that works to keep your body temperature stable at night, so it works well to keep you cool. It has a high-density memory foam, therefore, this one is kind of a gamble and not for you if you want more latex and less foam.

This mattress too is available in six sizes: twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full, King and Californian King, so you won’t feel left out if you want something bigger than usual. This is a 10” mattress and has a 3”completely natural latex comfort layer and a 7” high-density polyurethane foam for the support base.

The latex, the company guarantees, is responsive to your movements and promises to provide immediate pressure relief and eliminate back pain. The latex layer ensures that it is resistant to allergens and dust mites and the mattress’s foam base is CertiPUR-US certified with a whopping 25-year warranty.

This is a 10” Talalay latex mattress comes with a zipper cover for storage and is available in all the normal sizes, such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and even the exquisite California King.

It has been combined with organic wool to reduce the amount of chemicals that are usually needed in the process of making a Talalay core mattress. Talalay mattress is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also dust-mite resistant and this mattress, in particular, comes with an antibacterial layer.

What’s more, you can custom tailor your mattress for better suitability to your needs. It is a premium product from DreamFoam bedding and this mattress, in particular, starts with a 36 ILD core. The density of the mattress is around 10 inches but can be customized to your needs, so this is a great choice for your sleeping needs.

This mattress is available in various sizes which include all the common sizes, and well as three different styles, which include firm, medium and plush that adds a level of customization further. It is 11 inches tall, with the Queen size going up to 60 x 80 x 11 inches, so you can see that these mattresses are big.

The gel memory foam is designed to relieve pressure point as you sleep and the natural latex is known for its added resilience and help you keep cool during your time in bed.

The wool liner is Summerweight New Zealand. It takes away the moisture, so it keeps you dry even if your sweat a lot. The wool liner is also antimicrobial and therefore, provides freshness. It is CertiPUR-US certified, so it is a great choice.

One of my absolute favorites, The Habitat Pure Latex mattress is 6 inches high with a medium firm feel and is highly buoyant. It is made up of A pure botanical Dunlop latex which is a continuous piece without any breaks.

It is an excellent mattress for restless sleepers and people who sleep on their backs. It is also very comfortable for kids and teenagers. This mattress has an anti-bacterial layer and is mold, mildew ad fungus resistant.

It is also hypoallergenic and its unique organic cover prevents any lingering rubbery smells. It is truly a fantastic mattress and will meet most of your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Ultimate Latex Mattress Buying Guide

There are many mattresses available in the market with a variety of styles available. You must choose one that is comfortable for you and takes care of the problems that you may or may not have. Latex is processed majorly into different ways, Dunlop and Talalay, and contrary to the popular belief, these are not classifications of mattresses, rather these are methods of manufacturing the inner core of the mattress, the part that is responsible for comfort and stability. A discussion on these processes is needed to understand the correct choice for each individual type:

Dunlop: This method was first used in 1920. This is the most traditional method of making latex beds. In this method, the liquid sap is collected from the rubber tree, heated and poured into a mold. It can even be baked in its solid form. Then it is left to be cooled in a slow process and that is what makes the core of your mattress. However, even though it is a cheaper process, it is often inconsistent. Often the sediments can settle right at the base, which even though makes the core softer at the top and harder at the bottom, the durability is compromised.

Talalay: It is akin to the traditional Dunlop process, but it adds a couple of extra steps to refine the process. Like the Dunlop process, the sap is collected and poured into the mold for the core. After that, the mold is sealed and a vacuum is produced for the dispersion of the liquid serum evenly throughout the mold. Then the liquid is flash-frozen and finally, it’s baked into its final, solid form. The lump is removed and the mattress is ready for you to buy. The added processes make it a little bit more expensive but it has added durability and you cannot compromise with that.

Dunlop or Talalay?

The two added steps in Talalay make a lot of difference in the quality of the mattress in the end. It takes a longer time to finish and be ready for selling and the quality shows in the end products. Dunlop mattresses are cheaper than Talalay because they require less effort than making a Talalay mattress. Dunlop is, however, denser and way firmer than Talalay so it is the more preferred type of mattress in the market. Talalay is good for softer beds and makes a better top layer than a core one. However, when it comes to mattresses, neither is better than the other and it really depends on personal needs and budget constraints.

Latex Density

Density is displayed in lb and measured in weight per square foot. What it means is that the higher the density of the mattress, the more durable it will be. So pick out the mattress that claims to be denser in order to use your mattress for longer.


ILD stands for (Indentation Load Deflection) and used to determine the firmness of the mattress. It has a range from 14 to 38. As with density, the higher the number, the firmer the mattress.


As a conscious buyer, you must always look into the warranty of all the products you buy, especially when it comes to mattresses. They are long-term investments which can potentially harm or cure you, so you must be alert and aware of the behavior of your mattress. The thing you need to be most aware of is the compression factor and the body impressions as they are the issues that are most probable in latex mattresses.

There are two different types of latex that you must know about before going out to buy your latex mattress. These are:

Pure Latex: These are 100% latex mattresses that are totally eco-friendly and pure. They are generally more expensive for they undergo a lot of refining processes to be completely pure. If you don’t mind spending a more on your mattresses, then you can go all natural.

Synthetic or Blended: Synthetic mattresses look and feel the same way as natural mattresses, the only difference is being that they are chemically made. Blended mattresses are a combination of natural and synthetic latex. If you have a tighter budget and only care for the sleeping experience, then buying a synthetic or a blended mattress will offer the same level of comfort.

Importance of Buying a Comfy Mattress

Bed mattresses are made out of foam or gel foam which is drawn heavily from chemicals. These mattresses create a sense of molding to your body shape so that you can experience better-sleeping positions. Foam mattresses, gel or memory, will react chemically to your body’s temperature and create a comfortable environment for you to sleep in. Inevitably, with such a chemically produced mattress, you are bound to inhale a lot of chemicals as you sleep which may not be as good for your health in the longer run.

Latex mattresses are made of natural, organic products and offer the same level of comfort and temperature control to help you sleep comfortably. As a result, more and more people nowadays opt for latex mattresses. They are not only healthier in terms of chemical consumption, but they are also environmental friendly.

Latex mattresses are known for providing comfort. They are also bouncier and have a higher breathability, while at the same time, being cheaper than foam mattresses. With the advent of a lot of new latex beds, it is vastly becoming one of the most researched types of bed to be searched online. Latex mattresses have been rated as the second most favored mattress in a recent research conducted.

However, before you go right up and buy one of these babies to help you sleep like a baby, you must do some proper research and gain some knowledge about what latex mattresses will suit your need and will be the best one to help you fall asleep. Basically, it is important for you to have a decent clue about the different types of latex mattresses available in the market. In doing so, you will have a superior knowledge of the products listed and be able to challenge any sales expert on the subject. My aim is to provide you with the best choices available in the market for all your natural latex mattress needs.

100% Natural Latex Mattress

These latex mattresses claim to be 100 percent natural but the truth is there will be a mixture of both natural and synthetic products in it. However, latex mattresses are undeniably better than foam mattresses because they mold better and are environment-friendly. Also, the rise in popularity means more availability so you do not have to travel across states to buy one of them.

Though natural latex mattresses are not as popular as regular mattresses, they are rising in popularity amongst the health-conscious folks. Among the other things, latex can be made completely natural. Some companies who are experts in latex products usually combine them with synthetic materials to save on the cost and further increase their durability. However, that is not to say that there aren’t any 100 percent natural latex mattresses available in the mattress business, which is truer for latex mattresses than foam ones.

All-latex Mattress for Comfort

As mentioned before, Latex mattresses are almost beautifully comfortable and environment-friendly. Latex mattresses have one or more layers, but it has no more than three layers at a time. They are lot less popular in the market and therefore, more difficult to find and buy. They have no off-gassing problems and are recommended for orthopedic patients with severe back pain issues. Here are three such latex mattresses for your perusal:

Brands to Keep an Eye on

PlushBeds for Comfort

Let’s get this clear: when I say 100 percent natural, I, unfortunately, don’t mean completely 100 percent natural. There will be at least 60 to 70 percent synthetic product in it. All natural latex is significantly more expensive and as a consumer we all have a limited budget for household products. However, as far as 100 percent natural mattresses go, PlushBeds are mattresses that will suit your needs within your means.

While it is in no way costlier than a regular memory foam mattress, it is more comfortable with a very classic latex feel to it. Their manufacturers make their materials and process it in such a way that the prices do not go beyond the reach of common health conscious people.

SavvyRest for the Spenders

This mattress brand is based out of Charlottesville Virginia and interestingly, an employee owned company. Their mattress is certainly not cheap and will cost a pretty penny to buy it. But it comes jam packed with a lot of features, as far as mattresses go. Reviewed as one of the best latex mattresses 2018, this mattress is customizable to your needs. This mattress is very soft and not very firm, but in terms of comfort it is unbeatable.

It uses all natural rubber and cotton and wool covers, so be assured that because of this the mattress acts as a fire barrier. A drawback of this mattress is that you cannot get a trial period with 100 percent money back guarantee so if you find out defects in your mattress or if it turns out to be unsuitable then there will be no refunds as such.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to sleep soundly, you must wake up today and contact your nearest mattress seller to check your options. Using latex will not only help limit the amount of toxins you consume but also help you keep an eco-friendly outlook towards life, even as you sleep.