Mattressify  Half Yearly Scholarship Program 2017

The Entries for 2017’s Scholarship have already started pouring in! Send yours now!


Students from any accredited college, school or university in the United States.

The Prize:

$1000 scholarship for one qualified victor.


Dec 31, 2017, 11:59 pm ET

The Topic for 2017’s The Mattressify Scholarship is Scientific Home Improvement. We’d like you to explore the different ways recent discoveries and developments in science have already started percolating into our lives, and how they can be employed to make our lives better. Example - Best Mattress for Kids

  • Good home improvement ideas and what is the science behind them.
  • How standards of living have improved in general, and how they can be improved further through scientific outlooks.
  • How even simple things like razors, shampoo and bedding have sprouted so much variety.
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The word limit is strictly between 1000 to 2000 words. The answers will be judged by the Mattressify team, and the winners shall be declared by the end of July 2017. We shall judge your entries on their creativity, inspiration, factual accuracy and relevance to the topic.

Entries are accepted at

About The Mattressify Scholarship

The aim of the scholarship is to push the scientific minds of our upcoming generations to bring science out of labs and chalkboards and introduce them into the real world, bring direct change to the lives of the masses. We hope to inspire more people to innovate for the benefit of the commoner, and look into how they can make cost effective change available to the most people possible.

Last Year Scholarship Winners




Nakita P. Hackney

Kent State University


Edward Swann

RockFord Central High School